Posted by Glam Insider on 10th April, 2017

So someone says 'Its party time!' and instead of jumping up with excitement you have a panic attack just because you don't know what you're gonna wear to this soiree?! It's that time of the year again; summer has ushered in a lazy wave so pool parties are the mainstay. Summer vacations just means the mommy's and daddy's can play again so parties are going around by the dozen. The shaadi season is making a stylish come-back and subsequently so are the before and after parties. PARTY seems to be the buzz in every nook.

But wait a minute, no longer are these parties an event where u can pull a top over those denims and sprint in some heels. Today parties bigger, better and bolder than ever. And when I mean bold, I'm talking about themes; which guests have to abide by. They add that missing zing I might add.

There are only so many themes; so once you have the basics in hand, you're basically sorted. A Bollywood theme for example calls for a saree; pick the most attention-grabbing one from your closet and just pair it up with some chunky jewelry; now this could be anything from gold to silver to even bronze; the more gaudy the better. These days some jewelers are even willing to rent you these heavyweights; for a significant price of course. The men can just ape the retro look they dig most; tight bell bottoms that you've secretly been yearning to wear get an opportunity now; so just go for it. The hair must be over the top for both sexes.

Now if the theme says Hawaiian, its even easier; floral is your only choice. Any outfit, frock, skirt, shirt even chappals with flower motifs is fine, and all of us own atleast one piece of clothing during our term of the flower fetish; so just use that and work around it. Like if you have a XXL shirt that belonged to your pre-fitness times; just wear a vest inside and knot the shirt leaving the buttons open. Accessories take on a colorful appearance too. A bright scarf around your waist instead of a belt, a chic knot at your throat, jingly trinkets on your arm or half a dozen neck danglers; each in a different color around your neck. Anklets and toe rings are a must to bring out the gypsy look.

Now what's gaining momentum as a theme around the globe especially during the summer when hues are allowed experimenting without eyebrows raising is the Arabic one. Ahoy Arabia seems to be the mantra of the season.

Now if you're bold enough to go as a authentic belly dancer; put on a plain pair of harem pants only to team it up with a patterned bikini top; the demure ones can add a sheer kurti on that, but done forget the slim gold band around the waist that spells 'hot'. A princess can be seen in a classy mermaid skirt and stone-studded top while a prince looks oh-so-cool in a dhoti-kurta combo. The jewel rule here is; the more the better. Flaunt some big stones on those fingers.

A Sultan is got to be heating it up in a chudidar; but if you wanna skip the kurta top just replace that with a tee with a jacket; but don't forget to get yourself a turban. Any red dupatta in the house can serve the purpose. The ones going 'eh what theme; lets just go in denims' are usually mistaken for the server boys!