Posted by Glam Insider on 12th May, 2017

Balgandharva, the current Marathi theatre rage is the never-before-been-told musical biographical drama of the Indian theater legend Narayan Rajhans alias 'Balgandharva'. His poignant, funny and diverse roles of feminine characters in Marathi plays as a result of women not being allowed on stage during that era along with his soulful singing caught the attention of our country's beloved freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak; who then bestowed him with the title of 'Bal Gandharva' or 'Singer from heaven'.

The movie set in the early 1900's showcases a beautiful union of Marashtrian theatre culture in that century along with struggle with social norms then. Theatre being the main background of this reel; the glam factor takes much of the attention with traditional ethnic Maharashtrian sarees dominating the scene and typical jewelry glittering on these the actors.

When you say authentic, asal Marathi jewels; PNG is sort of like the reflex in our country, more so in the state. Renowned for every kind of jewelry but most applauded for its pieces like mohanmal, tushi, vajratik, nath, baju bandh and innumerous more Maharashtrian designs, we became an obvious choice as Balgandharva's jewelry partners.

Every piece of jewelry preening onscreen is a PNG trademark. Now with the movie gaining momentum going on to be one of the greatest Marathi hits ever; our jewelry too caught attention. So every speck of gold seen that one can view on big screen is now available at all PNG outlets especially for our patrons. Crafted in 22K gold and a wide range to accommodate all our loyal customers, our shelves provide you with a choice starting from 15 gms going up to 200 gms; with each pattern reincarnated just like the movie.

Come and be a part of Marathi cinema's biggest block-buster, Balgandharva through us!