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Ethos and People

IF THERE'S ONE SIMPLE ADAGE THAT DESCRIBES THE PNG Jewelers Group; it is purity of thoughts and deeds. Since 1832, purity has been the guiding philosophy in every aspect of the jewelry business. From the quality of raw materials to finished designs and from business ethics to honest transactions with customers. So much so, that in the city of Pune and around Maharashtra the name Gadgil has become synonymous with purity.

Man with the Midas touch

AROUND THE WORLD, VERY FEW BUSINESSES HAVE THE RARE distinction of being run by the same family for over 175 years. PNG Jewlers Inc. is one of them. Meet the man who made it possible. Anant Ganesh Gadgil, the patriarch of the Gadgil clan and a master jeweler has not only held the flock together but also instilled in the enterprise the values of ethics, transparency and honesty. A simple and meticulous man who has won many a battles in life and in business with a simple philosophy, pure thoughts give birth to pure deeds. Fondly and respectfully known as Dajikaka (meaning eldest uncle), he has single-handedly transformed a small jewelry store into a highly-respected, admired and loved brand. At 97, he inspires the group with his childlike enthusiasm.

The men in charge

EVERY BUSINESS IS SHAPED BY THE EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE of leaders with a vision. PNG Jewelers Inc has been fortunate to have been blessed two of them in the family. Parag Gadgil and Saurabh Gadgil. Parag Kaka (Uncle) as he is fondly called has been a fount of knowledge and inspiration on the shop floor. An engineer by profession he has steered the retail ship for over three decades. On the other hand THE SIXTH GENERATION OF THE GADGIL CLAN, SAURABH GADGIL walks the tight rope of tradition and modernity. As the man at helm, he passionately safeguards the rich heritage and values he has bequeathed while he readies the brand to test the global waters. A man of many interests, he drives the group with his endless energy and astute acumen. He's equally excited about playing cricket with his sons on Sundays and eating his favorite afternoon snack, the Puneri misal.