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A treasure beyond all measure

FROM A SINGLE STORE IN a SMALL-TOWN TO a CHAIN of stores in the bigger cities to a brand with a global foot print is truly fascinating. It all started way back in the 18th century. The group gets its name from the late Purshottam Narayan Gadgil, a doyen of the family and the chief architect who captured the hearts and imagination of the people with his ethics and his jewelry. In the state of Maharashtra, India, the name Gadgil has become synonymous with purity and generations of jewelry buyers have bestowed their immense trust and goodwill in PNG Jewelers. This rich legacy of fine craftsmanship and finer values earned over 175 years is the group's greatest treasure

Where do you find gold?

FOR NEARLY TWO CENTURIES, OUR LIFE'S WORK HAS BEEN GOLD. We have discovered there's a lot of gold in this world - not in the mines, not in the billion market, not in the shelves of our shops, but there's gold in the arms of a loved one, on the dinner table with your family, in a boisterous laugh, in a sincere compliment, in the hearts of a cherished patron, in that smile when you know you made someone happy and when you find this gold you feel richer than the richest man on earth. Welcome to our lives.